Tired, drained, exhausted, and depressed?



Between work, family, constant travel and lack of sleep, our lifestyles don't often incorporate enough rest. When we don’t get enough rest, our Adrenal Glands, which are responsible for energy and sustainability have no way of recharging themselves and they become fatigued. As a result we end up tired, anxious, and often overwhelmed with stress which takes a toll on our minds and bodies. The only proper cure for this Adrenal malfunction is to get proper rest and live a healthy lifestyle, though this is not always as easy as we'd like.

As a part of regular patient care at NYC Chiropractic Solutions, Dr. Thomas ensures that all subluxations or misalignments are properly taken care of to maximize adrenal gland function. Our Wellness Center also follows up with a test of your blood pressure and saliva, to determine any hormone imbalances and malfunctions of your adrenal glands. If any deficiencies are determined, you will work closely with Dr. Thomas to compile a personalized wellness plan, catered specifically to your health and nutritional needs.