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Often seasonal, and sometimes not, we are plagued with watery eyes, a running nose, sneezing, and many other threats of sicknesses that we refer to as allergies. Each of these allergic reactions occur as an exaggerated response by the immune system once it realizes that it’s been invaded by foreign entities. The over production of histamines cause most sinus and allergy problems, which is why we take anti-histamines. However, these medications will dry the membranes and suppress the symptoms, but they do not cure your allergies. Stress can often be a factor why your immune system is not working properly and, when ignored, your body cannot correct itself. The nervous system and immune system, when working properly, can work as a natural healing aid and help to correct your sinus and allergy symptoms. 

How we help:

The health of your immune system and your respiratory system depend on proper communication between your brain and spinal cord, which house the nerves responsible for immune responses. Misalignments of the neck interrupt that communication, and in turn, allergic symptoms are produced. By adjusting these joints with spinal decompression or traditional adjustments, Dr. Thomas can help reestablish alignment and ultimately open lines of communication between your brain and spine. This will help improve immune function and regulate histamine production.  



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